Professor Dmitry Yu. Strelets will deliver an invited presentation

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Dmitry Yu. Strelets, PhD, graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute, “Aircraft Design” Department; worked as engineer for MiG and Sukhoi; currently holds a position of Deputy Head of Design and Research Scientific Center in Sukhoi Design Bureau and since 2015 doubles as Deputy Head of “Aircraft Design” Department – Head of Research Division in MAI; author of more than 30 published scientific works. Below there are titles of some of his articles.


Ryabov А. А., Romanov V. I., Maslov Е. Е., Strelets D. Y., Kornev А. V., Ivanov А. I. 
Comparative analysis of impulse deformation of AC structures’ elements of aluminum alloy and composite materials // Moscow Aviation Institute Herald. 2015, Т.22, №2, p. 152-161

Pogosyan M.A., Savelyevskikh Ye.P., Strelets D.Yu., Kornev A.V.
Russian supercomputer technologies in aerospace
Technological systems №60 3/2012

Pogosyan M.A., Savelyevskikh Ye.P., Shagaliev R.M., Kozelkov A.S., Strelets D.Yu., Ryabov A.A.
Application of the Russian supercomputer technologies for creation of prospective aircraft 
Atomic science and technology issues. Series: Math Modeling of Physical Processes, No. 2 Year: 2013

Ryabov A.A., Romanov V.I., Maslov E.E., Strelets D.Yu., Kornev A.V., Ivanov A.I.
Comparative analysis of impulse deformation of aviation structures’ elements made of aluminum alloy and composite material
Moscow Aviation Institute Herald, vol. 22 No.: 2  year: 2015


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