Professor Klaus Schilling will deliver an invited presentation

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Prof. Klaus Schilling

Title: Small Satellite Formations for Applications in Communication and Earth Observation



Prof. Dr. Schilling had in space industry responsibility in Earth observation and interplanetary satellites (such as HUYGENS to the Saturnian moon Titan and  ROSETTA for exploration of comets, where adaptive control technologies assisted handling of uncertainties), before he was appointed professor and chair  for Robotics and Telematics  at University Würzburg. In parallel he is president of the research company „Center for Telematics (ZfT)“. His team built the first German pico-satellite UWE-1, launched 2005 to optimize Internet in space. He published more than 350 papers and received several awards, including the Walter-Reis-Award for Robotic Innovations 2008 (for research in mobile robotics) and 2012 (for medical robotics), as well as an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (highest valued European research award) for research on control of networked distributed satellite systems. He is full member of the International Academy of Astronautics and was Consulting Professor at Stanford University 2002-2006.


In international professional societies he served in IEEE as chair of  "TC on Networked Robotics" and in IFAC (International Federation on Automatic Control) as  Coordinating Chair for the area “Computers & Control” after having been TC chair for "Telematics: Control via Communication Networks" and for “Aerospace”.

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