Professor Christophe Baehr will deliver an invited presentation

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Prof. Christophe Baehr

Title: Dynamical Reconstruction of Remotely Measured Random Media. Application to the Atmospheric Turbulence



Pr Christophe Baehr is a researcher at the French National Weather Service Research Center in Toulouse, France. M. Baehr started as a civil engineer in Météo-France and he passed his BSc in Pure Mathematics, his M Sc in Fundamental Mathematics and his PhD in Applied Mathematics.


Specialized in Stochastic Engineering, Pr Baehr has developed many works around data processing and data assimilation for the atmospheric sciences and large systems. He contributed to several European research programs about Air Traffic Management systems in order to take into account the meteorological forecast uncertainties. Recently he has developed a patented system for the dynamical reconstruction of the local atmosphere using remote sensors.


Pr Baehr gives also several lectures at the French National Meteorological School and at the University of Toulouse III

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