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The International Conference on
Aerospace System Science and

JULY 06-07, 2023


Invited speech



Hugh Liu
Professor of Institute for Aerospace Studies and the Director of Centre for Aerial Robotics Research and Education,
University of Toronto
Research Interest: Autonomous unmanned aerial system (UAS) surveillance for traffic data analysis, target detection and tracking, as well as networked UAS and integration with transportation data centre.

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Ping Lu                                                                                                   

Professor and Chair of the Aerospace Engineering Department,
San Diego State University
Research Interest: Aerospace guidance, flight control, and autonomous trajectory planning and optimization.

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Qiang Shen                                                                                                   

Associate Professor in the School of Aeronautics and Astronatics,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Research Interest: Spacecraft dynamics and control, fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control, complex task trajectory planning, and model identification and recognition

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Dr. Dmitry Strelets

Ph.D. of Technical Science (Aircraft Design Engineering),
Moscow Aviation Institute
Research Interest: Supercomputing technologies in the aerospace industry; Mathematical modeling, including for the purpose of certification; Aircraft Design; Optimization of complex technological systems.

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George Z.H. Zhu
Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
York University
Research Interest: Dynamics and control of electrodynamic tether system for space debris removal, autonomous on-orbit service robot for space debris removal, and multifunctional materials for spacecraft structures.  

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